Events: Volunteer Appreciation BBQ - 28th May 2022

Warm Blessings is celebrating our Volunteers with an outdoor BBQ!

The value of volunteering is immense and irreplaceable. It is the opportunity for CASA to recognise the contribution of volunteers. Most of the volunteers are international students. CASA provides services to support international students in Adelaide to make them feel supported and have a sense of belongingThank you for all your continuous support.

Special thanks to the Honourable. Jing Lee MLC, Consul Ms Ding Li, Consul Mr Tian Lei, and community leaders, Cathy Chong, Anna Cheung, and all business leaders.




Date: Saturday 28th Jan 2023  9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Details: 2023 CHINATOWN ADELAIDE LUNAR NEW YEAR STREET PARTY The Year Of The Rabbit In Adelaide, this important cultural event is recognised annually with celebrations showcasing time-honoured rituals, music, art and food.  Read More...